Opposite are some of my favourite commissions over the past ten years.  If you click on the photos you will go through to a larger photo and a description.  


Thank you for all commissions; it has been heartening to receive them and a pleasure to be able to make them.


Wet Washing Basket
CD basket
My first shoulder basket
Oval Shoulder Basket
Laundry Basket
White Bordered Log Basket
Thomas and Paul Anderson's Elswick Delivery Bike Basket
Trade Bike Basket
Mobility Scooter Basket
Sturdy Rectangular Log Basket
Cylindrical Log Basket
Small shoulder pod basket
New for old!
Eel traps
Looking in!
Novel use for child's bike basket!
Flowerpot Log Basket with Handles
Rectangular Storage Baskets
Trade Bike Baskets
Square log basket
Carrying Case
Sunbeam Winkie Tricycle
Weird and Wonderful Wood 2016
Double-lidded Oval Shopper
Duck Nester
Alternative Log Basket
Rear Bicycle Panniers
Raleigh Model 47
Restored Elswick Delivery Bike
Amanda and Neil's bike basket
Penny Halfpenny