Handmade English Willow Baskets for sale!


I started basketmaking in the summer of 2007 when I was taken on gradually and informally as apprentice to Sue Chapman of New Buckenham, Norfolk.  Sue, now retired, worked as a basketmaker for 27 years, having learned her trade from Ronnie Woods of (East)Dereham who wove for 60 years.  Ronnie's family had been basketmakers for over 100 years. I am fortunately to have such a heritage.


I am not taking on any commissions at the moment.  My thanks go to the many people over the past ten years who've bought my baskets and commissioned me to make bespoke baskets for their homes.  I have appreciated all such orders and enjoyed being able to 'come up with the goods'!  Thank you all of you!



The baskets shown on this page are the remainder of my stock and are for sale.  Click on any photo to take you to a larger photo with accompanying description, dimensions and cost.


If you would like to buy one of these baskets, or would appreciate further photos or details, please email me at





I source the majority of my willow from Musgrove Willows of Westonzoyland, Somerset.  They have been growing willow commercially for generations and provide me with buff, steamed, white and barked Salix triandra Black Maul.  They also provide me with Salix purpurea Brittany Green and Dicky Meadows and Salix alba vitellina x sanguinea Flanders Red which adds further colour to my work.  I currently have about 15 plants in the front garden from which I have now made some baskets.  Although the willow stools will only ever produce enough willow for just a few baskets, it is very satisfying to be able to follow through from the plant to the basket.


One of my students, Chris Baxter, launched herself onto the world recently.  Please do follow her adventures here ...   www.chrisbaxtersbaskets.co.uk/   ... it's definitely worth your time : )





Large Oval Shopper
White bordered Pod Basket
Rectangular Tray
Celtic Frame Basket
White knotted Celtic frame basket
Catalonian Tension Trays