Links here to folk who brighten my life, and might do the same for yours . . .

because I believe what we do with our money does make a difference

my willow supplier of choice

my first student to take basketry out into the world of work

the home of Ben Lawrence, drum teacher of all things Ghanaian; fab website stuffed full of information and goodies

such a fab festival, now back in Whitby after a few years in Bridlington.  If you enjoy world music - which does indeed span the world (including our own in the UK) - then come on up to Whitby for a fanstastic weekend of music in October . . .

"to promote the knowledge of basketry, chairseating and allied crafts . . . "

if you've already been you don't need any words from me; if you haven't then try to get to the next one!      

renowned herbalist, natural healer and iridologist in Spooner Row, Norfolk  

Joe created this website for me many moons ago and made it look just how I wanted, thanks Joe!


Me at the Suffolk Show
Making a duck nester
Small Round Bellied Basket
Duck Nester Entrance
Weird and Wonderful Wood
Weird and Wonderful - stall and music!
Flags at Weird and Wonderful 2012
Detail of rear bike pannier lid
Weird and Wonderful Wood Stall 2016